Dillion Harper Oral Sex Two Ways

This video starts with DD cup Dillion Harper demonstrating her oral sex skills, sucking off her male pornstar counterpart in an erotic and sensual way. He might be a porn star, but clearly less well known than she’s become. I swear this girl is everywhere these days!

I can’t be mad about it either, Dillion Harper seems always ready to put in great sexual performances in all her scenes. She doesn’t just have sex, she fucks guys. I can dig it.

Following her mildly sloppy blowjob effort, she lets this rental cock stick his tongue deep inside her pussyhole and give her some pussy licking style oral sex in return. Hence the two ways… Obviously.

Erotic Sensual Blowjob from Dillion Harper and some Oral Sex in Return

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Dillion Harper Sloppy Blowjob Slut

The first 30 seconds or so of this Dillion Harper video clip is porn gold if you ask me. She’s giving a sloppy blowjob with a mouth full of saliva, creating trails of spit between her lips and his cock. He teases her with his dick for added tension, and she’s not really sure what he’s going to do next. She zigs, he zags, and it’s pure pornography gold.

I won’t even say anything else, just watch this awesome Dillion Harper blowjob video and enjoy. Video is from the site Pornditos, a Spanish site.

Dillion Harper Epic Blowjob Video Clip with Saliva Trails

Full Length 720p HD Dillion Harper Video @ Pornditos : .MP4, 31:51, 697MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,000k

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Dillion Harper Fucked Hard on a Couch

Don’t have time to fill this in but this blog seemed bare with only one post, so here’s a quick video for Reddit of Dillion Harper fucked hard indoors in the comfort of someone’s fuckpad.

Quick Dillion Harper Post for Reddit r/NSFW from the Bang Bros site Big Mouthfuls

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Big Mouthfuls : .MP4, 32:15, 704MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,000k

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Dillion Harper First Nude and Sex Scene Ever

This is Dillion Harper in her very first scene ever. Apparently she just stopped in to the Bang Bros studios as she’d heard about them from living in South Beach, Miami and that’s where they’re from too. They took her in for a casting after she’d signed the standard paperwork, and looked surprised every step of the way as if she didn’t realize she’d be starting the day she walked in.

She probably just wanted to get more information and see what the place was like, but of course they need to take some pictures. So one thing leads to another and Dillion Harper agrees each step of the way. First it’s some topless pictures, then totally nude, then spreading her legs a bit, then masturbating for the first time ever on camera.

Dillion Harper Shy and Nervous in First Sex Scene and First Time Nude at Bang Bros

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Backroom Facials : .MP4, 47:17, 1.0GB, 1280×720 HD, 3,000k

In fact maybe some foreshadowing to how much of a closet freak this Dillion Harper girl is, when they ask her to rub her pussy like she would at home, she pretty much starts right off stuffing her fingers inside herself.

They ask her to close her eyes so his boss can have a look at her, and suddenly there’s a guy in the room poking at her thigh and pussy. She actually swats his hand away and asks what’s going on, and they explain that she came in wanting to do porn – right? And she agrees, and the scene starts. You can still see her thinking about what she just got herself involved in even as she’s getting pussy fingered and sucked.

Surely a surreal experience for Dillion Harper’s first scene in porn land, and for Bang Bros no less.

Thankfully she didn’t get into something she didn’t want to do in popping her porn cherry here, as you can see from her performance later on in the scene where you can see her really commit to things once she starts the blowjob portion of the video. Also it’s comforting to know she’s gone on to do at least 15 more scenes since then, and hopefully many more on the way. In the pipe, shall we say?

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Dillion Harper New in 2012 a Busty Teen Porn Starlet

Dillion Harper is new to the industry mid 2012 and apparently just walked in to the offices of Bang Bros to get her start. The dates match up too, it was indeed her first scene ever. Hardcore too!

Just a month later she was doing her first scene for Throated, and came back for more. Dillion seems like she’ll be around for a while.

There’s also the name spelling issue, which she kindly clarified for me on Twitter. It’s Dillion Harper with an I, not Dillon Harper with an O. Even the paysites themselves get it wrong. Tisk tisk.

Myself, I saw a scene at Fucked Hard 18 and goddamn this girl has a body on her. So into the solo girl blog club she goes, with a splash.

Not much else to say bio related, she’s brand newish and all that.

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Dillion Harper

Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 114lb / 51kg
Measurements: 33D-28-34
Country: USA (Miami, Florida)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: January 3rd
Implants: No
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Dillion Harper is a bubbly new model whose a bit tall at 5'5" and has some absolutely beautiful all natural C or D cup breasts. She's a brand new porn starlet in 2012, the only info I could find was in her bio at Team Skeet where it says her measurements and that she's from Miami, Florida.


Dillian Harper
Dillon Harper

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Masturbation
+ Girl / Girl
+ Handjobs
+ Blowjobs
+ Hardcore Sex
+ Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

About Dillion Harper